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Love the newsletter. Do you have rodent-proof containers that you like for dry foods?

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Thank you, and good question!

Rather than go out and buy something (because so much of prepping is centered around that buying and consumption) I reuse old tea tins for dried beans and lentils. They're not airtight, but I have been buying small bags of dried goods rather than a whopping bucket like some preppers (which is absolutely fine, just not where I'm at for space right now), so I slip the whole bag into the tin and shelve it.

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I realize I'm late to the story, but I tend to use mason jars. I can a lot, but have plenty of extra to store lentils, quinoa, spices--whatever. I also reuse jars that are not the right lid size for canning, like old pasta sauce jars. I go with glass whenever possible to deter mice and bugs.

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